Brookside Montessori Center

Where Learning is Fun

Our programs and playground are carefully constructed for fun and learning

We are International

With multiple nationalities and cultures represented, Children have opportunities for multicultural/multilingual interaction, aided by Montessori trained teachers

Well-equipped Centre

Our classes are well-equipped with all the Montessori tools and apparatus, they also embody a homely setting.

Conducive Environment

Brookside Montessori Center is housed in a converted bungalow with a leafy and serene compound. The environment serves as an ideal transition point between home and school, since it emulates what they’ve been used to at home.


Located in the quiet suburb of Brookside (Westlands), within easy access of Waiyaki Way and Lower Kabete Road. Click here to view location.

Our Classes

Daycare and Nursery programs

For children aged between 1 and 6 years in a mixed age group setup in line with Montessori & HEI school principles. This unique set-up is at the heart of our all round developmental approach, which caters for cognitive, social and motor skills development in our young learners.

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